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Why buy fake likes and followers?

I fail to understand why companies buy fake likes and followers, what is the POINT!

Is it really that important to buy fake friends, likes and followers? I think the question comes down to WHY BUY FAKE?

Fake doesn’t gave you valuable feedback, it doesn’t buy your products, it doesn’t  add value to your business, it doesn’t even look good. Does it come down to that greed, need and desire to look good, when in fact, it is a total waste of time.

It gives a temporary impression of looking good, the key word here is temporary. You may look good to the outside world to start with, but online shoppers and consumers are more savvy than you think. They can see if you have genuine likes and followers. For example you may see a business with 10,000 followers, but hardly any interaction on the posts posted. Whereas you may get a business with only 500 followers with real interaction and value.

Buying likes and followers is big business, in fact some companies spend thousands doing so. My recommendation is don’t do it! It will do more harm than good to your business.

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