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What Is The Most Expensive Mobile Phone

Whilst I am not the person who cares about how flashy my mobile phone looks, as long as it does what it needs to, I can carry on with my trusty iPhone until it goes wrong.  It seems this is not the case for some people, hence the market for bigger, better and more expensive phones has emerged! Read below about the latest must have phones if you win the lottery!

The Top Phones If Money Is No Object!

They bring luxury to your fingertips – and you really wouldn’t want to accidentally drop one of these phones onto a hard surface.

Handsets made out of gold and platinum, boasting everything from diamonds to 200-year-old African Blackwood, can cost up to £10m ($12.36 million). They are generally made in very limited runs, for obvious reasons.

So here they are – the five most expensive phones on the market:

1: iPhone 5 Black Diamond

Iphone 5 Black diamond

An unnamed Chinese businessman splashed out on this £10m iPhone, which is made of solid gold and features more than 650 diamonds, including a 26-carat black diamond as the home button. It was created by Stuart Hughes, a British designer.

2: iPhone 4s Elite Gold

Iphone4s gold

Is £10m too pricey for you? Well, perhaps this one will be more within your range. For a mere £6m ($7.4 million), you can have a phone boasting 500 diamonds, a 24-carat gold logo and a compartment including, it claims, pieces of a Tyrannosaurus Rex bone. Who hasn’t wished for such a feature?

3: Supreme Goldstriker iPhone 3G 32GB

Iphone 3s elite gold

As well as the popular use of diamonds and gold, this baby has a chest carved from a block of granite and boasts Kashmir gold with an interior lining made of nubuck top-grain leather. It costs around £2.6m ($3.2 million).

4: GoldVish Le Million

Expensive phones

Despite being designed 11 years ago, this striking, gaudy handset (pictured above) is still worth more than £1m ($1.23 million). On launch, it earned a mention in the Guinness Book of World Records and production was limited to just three models. It has a solid gold body littered with diamonds.

5: Diamond Crypto Smartphone

Diamond phone


Designed by luxury accessories-maker Peter Aloisson, this handset includes “powerful encryption technology,” which its manufacturers say protects against kidnapping and technological blackmail. It also features rose gold and includes 50 diamonds, a fifth of which are rare blue diamonds.

Not bad, I think I’ll have one of each please!

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