To keep it simple, Google Panda is all about content, the better quality the content the better it is for your website! Panda’s algorithm rewards great content and penalises bad content.

When it comes down to your SEO strategy you need to think about creating great quality content or to increase the quality value of your current content.

If you have plenty of existing content you need to look at each page to determine its value, do not remove pages, as this may have a detrimental effect on your SEO.

How do you determine if your content is good or bad? The simple answer comes down to Google Analytics, if Google is sending traffic to a page, then it considers it quality enough to rank that page. If you want to change the content on the pages, start matching up popular queries with their respective pages, making sure you’re fully delivering on those content query expectations!

The bottom line is: Create high quality content for your websites, and you won’t have to worry about Google Pandas.

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