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What does Google Penguin have to do with my Website?

In fact it has quite a lot to do with your website and your actions to help promote it on search engines through bad SEO practice.

“Google launched the Penguin Update in April 2012 to better catch sites deemed to be spamming its search results, in particular those doing so by buying links or obtaining them through link networks designed primarily to boost Google rankings” at the time Penguin ran independently from the core algorithm, but it has been updated since its first release to be part of its core algorithm working in real time.

What does this mean for your website and SEO? The theory behind Google Penquin is to stop websites that are spammy and add no real value to search strings that you and I type into the Google search bar, but in theory it is supposed to help websites that add real value through content etc.

At Keep it Simple Websites we are always receiving emails to buy links, however, this is a practice we don’t agree with and it’s not something we find necessary to achieve top Google rankings on specific keywords, so we don’t recommend it to be part of your SEO strategy!

To achieve good SEO, concentrate on the basics, quality content , optimization and best web practice, this will help you achieve your online objectives.

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