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We Crashed Our WordPress Website Intentionally

Yes we broke our WordPress website at the weekend intentionally! Some of you may be thinking why would you do such a thing. The simple answer is to test our backup systems. We have recently launched new additions to our services portfolio and one being the Essential WordPress Maintenance Package. We have this belief you can't offer a service unless you test it out on a real live website, so what better testimony than to test on our own!

It's a scary thought breaking  your own website, but it had to be done. Let's be honest how many website owners have back up systems in place? What if your site gets hacked, or your server goes down. We have seen recently that hacking is becoming more prevalent.  Your WordPress website needs a reliable backup strategy. WordPress doesn't include built-in backups, however, WordPress currently runs over 30% of all websites. Without a backup your WordPress website could be lost forever.

The good news is we had our website back up and running in less than half a day. That included installing WordPress from scratch.

Keep it Simple Websites

We now offer all our customers the opportunity to have professional backup systems in place, that backs up an entire WordPress installation offsite, making sure you have a copy of all your files. We run scheduled backups automatically. We also offer real-time monitoring, giving you peace of mind.

Services that make your life easier

If want to be secure in the mind that your website is being looked after, find out more about our Essential WordPress Maintenance Portfolio

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