Video Testimonials Sell!

Testimonials are a huge factor when it comes to making a buying decision. There is no question that video is one of the highest returning content formats in modern Internet marketing. If you are not utilising the praise your customers have for your business, you are missing out! Your current customers can help you sell to your future prospects.

We are all influenced by the opinions of others for example the phenomenon of social proof (the idea that we are influenced by the actions of those with whom we are socially connected) actually speaks volumes.

How much do testimonials really influence us when it comes to making a purchase?

Here are a few stats that stand out.
•65% of your audience is inclined to visual learning.
•Website visitors are 64% more likely to follow through with a conversion after watching a video.
•Online shoppers are 63% more likely to purchase a product if it has reviews and ratings.
•90% of online shoppers say their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews.

Why have a video testimonial?

The answer is in the title: video and testimonial.

Video has quickly become the most effective content medium in Internet marketing. Whether it’s a product video, live streaming event, or testimonial, video engages users unlike any other alternative content form.

Testimonials – whether written, visual, or auditory – always hold great value with customers. When people make a purchase, they want social proof from unbiased sources. Testimonials provide just that.

There’s no question that video is one of the highest returning content formats in modern Internet marketing. And while there are many different types of video content, the customer testimonial is by far the most valuable. It gives your website visitors an authentic behind the scenes look at how your product or service works.

It stands to reason, when you combine video with the traditional testimonial, the result will produce high returns.

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