As an entrepreneur its great when you have a new business idea. You want to get started on it straight away! Start selling your idea and making money from your idea. It’s a tough world, but dreams and hard work can produce amazing results, lets take a look at these entrepreneurs who started in a garage!



In 1923, two brothers Walt and Roy started working in their Uncles garage. Today Disney is one of the biggest media companies in the world. It owns and operates Television Channels, Movies, Theatres, Theme Parks. It is the leading name in children’s Movies, Cartoons and Animation.

Hewlett Packard


In 1939 with a small investment of $538 two university friends Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard launched Hewlett Packard (HP). The first product they build was an audio oscillator, they went onto become one of the biggest computer companies in the world.


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In 1976 Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak started in Steve Jobs parents garage to build the first Apple computer. Apple is now one of the largest IT companies in the world and the second largest phone manufacturer.



In 1994 Jeff Bezos started Amazon, it is now the largest internet retailer in the world



In 1998, two graduates decided to develop an online search engine ‘Google’, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Their goal was to pull all the information from the web into one portal. I think they achieved that! Today they are one of the biggest IT companies in the world with the most visited Search Engine.

If you are thinking of starting your new business, perhaps it might be a great idea to start in a garage. The world is open for business.

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