Segway Polo, The Latest Craze!

Ever thought about playing Polo but hate the thought of getting on a horse? Why not check out Segway Polo. If you are in to technology but not really a sports person then this could be just for you! There is an official governing body for this sport that spans across the world, from the US and Barbados to the UK and Lebanon.  This is ISPA, or the International Segway Polo Association.

The rules of the game are adapted from other more conventional polo games like horse and bicycle. With 4 8-minute sections, or chukkers, in a game, the aim is to use your mallet to knock the ball into the goal.  Any goals unless accidental cannot be scored off anything other than the mallet.

The field measures in at 200 feet (61 meters) by 128 feet (39 meters) with the goal being 8 feet (2.4 meters) wide by 5 feet (1.5 meters) high, with a safety zone around the border.

According to the ISPA website, the most recent winner of the WOZ Challenge Cup is Barbados. So next time your heading off to the Caribbean for some sunshine, check out the Segway scene and see if there’s a match going on!

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