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seo website audit

Why have an SEO Website Audit?

Creating a website is one thing, but making it visible for search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo need websites that are SEO optimised. We offer a FULL SEO audit of your website for only £49.00. (Normally £150.00) This is a special limited time offer price.

Search engines are algorithms that check your website code and content, they have guidelines and expectations, we will check your code and content so that you can improve your website SEO. Don't be left in the dark, a badly optimised website is practically useless.

On completion we will deliver a full 22 page report that provides a review of the key factors that influence the SEO and usability of your website. The report outlines what is good on your site and what is bad and how to fix it! Not sure what SEO is? Find out more here

Our reporting algorithm will grade your homepage on a 100 point scale that represents your internet marketing effectiveness. The algorithm is based on 70 important SEO criteria from search engine data through to website structure.

  1. Bad SEO Score: Less than 40 points (40%) (lots of areas for improvement)
  2. OK SEO Score: Greater than 40 less than 70 point (room for improvement)
  3. Excellent SEO Score: Greater than 70 points (70%) (well optimised website)

What is your website score

What we check:

  1. Title
  2. Description
  3. Keyword consistency
  4. Title tags
  5. Robots
  6. Sitemap
  7. SEO Friendly content
  8. Code to Text Ratio
  9. Analytics
  10. CSS
  11. Mobile snapshot (how your site looks on mobile)
  12. Website Page Load Speed Check
  13. Social Media Check-up

plus so much more. This is an invaluable report for only £150 £49, special offer for a limited time


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