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Pinterest! Whats The Real Benefit?

Pinterest has become a powerful tool that online businesses should be leveraging right now for giving long term exposure to their products or services. When used correctly, Pinterest can help improve website traffic, enhance brand awareness, and assist with SEO (search engine optimization). Below we have listed 5 monumental benefits for business owners using Pinterest.

1. Promote and Market your Business for Free

The most important benefit of using Pinterest is that you can use it to promote goods and services for free. Whenever a person pins or repins your image, a hyperlink to your website is displayed on the users’ board. You can also add a “Follow Me on Pinterest” button to the company’s website to promote your Pinterest page.

2. Attract Large Number of Online Followers

Another great benefit of using Pinterest for online business owners is that it helps generate more traffic for your site. The traffic generated is generally more than YouTube, Google Plus, and LinkedIn combined.

Every image that you post has a link that directs users to your website. In order to capitalize on Pinterest’s traffic generation power, you must post quality content that is pinnable. You can test how well the content looks by adding a “Save” button to the bookmark toolbar and use it to pin images from your website.

3. Build Connections

Pinterest does not allow you to boost online traffic. You can use the website to build connections with online audiences. Honda, for instance, recently used Pinterest to connect with the online community by offering $500 to top Pinterest users of their page. Similarly, Kotex, a well-known brand name, sent customized gift boxes to 50 influential Pinterest users. Their Pinterest marketing campaign led to 694,853 brand impressions and 22,284 online interactions. This goes to show immense potential of the visual social media network to build deep connections with online customers.

4. Boost Online Rankings

Content posted on Pinterest gets crawled and indexed by Google. So any content you post on your Pinterest page will impact SEO rankings. You must take the time to optimize the photo caption, links, and description with relevant keyword phrases. This will help you in improving the search engine ranking of your website. Moreover, you must also focus on how to get more followers on Pinterest as Google uses social signals to gauge the popularity of the site.

5. Increase Online Sales.

Finally, the main benefit of using Pinterest is that you can sell your products and services on your Pinterest page. A study analyzed 529,000 Shopify stores and found that Pinterest was the second largest source of traffic after Twitter, and had the highest average order value beating Facebook.

All this is worth remembering when you set up your social network platforms. It’s better to keep a smaller amount up to date, than every platform ‘out of date’!

For more help on social media set up and management, contact us today at Keep It Simple Websites.

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