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Pinterest up’s the advertising revenue streams

We recently discussed Instagrams shopping plans but have you heard of Pinterest?

If not, Pinterest is simply where people pin photos into collections called boards. It's a way to think about and plan the future; for example ideas for your next house or objects you would love to have or to show off what you really like

"It’s the world’s largest set of objects that are important to people."

Its really very clever, think about it, we are showing off to the world all the things that we like or would want. Here's some interesting facts:

  1. They have over 30 billion pins
  2. They have over 750 million boards.
  3. And 75 percent of their traffic comes from mobile devices

According to some, they are the top source of traffic to retail websites.

So, Pinterest is a place where people can go to get ideas for any project or interest in their life. As you encounter great ideas and discover new things that you didn’t even know were out there, you can pin them and make them part of your life through their system of boards.

Pinterest has announced three new ways to advertise: one-tap, video and app promoted pins, so what is this?

Firstly with one tap, tap the pin and you will be taken directly to the site it came from; Video pins will allow video for viewing directly on Pinterest; App pins will make it easier for you to find out about apps you want to hear about most. The pins are directly linked to the store to download the app for immediate use.

If you have an online store make sure you have Pinterest!

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