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Meditation, Flip Flops and 90hr Working Weeks!

Day Five of our Top Ten Tips For Productivity by Chris Bailey, author of A Life of Productivity.

No. 6 There are three ingredients you combine on a daily basis to be productive: time, energy, and attention.

Toward the end of my project, I realized that every single article I wrote could be classified into one (or more) of three categories: how to better manage your time, how to better manage your energy, and how to better manage your attention.

I think all three ingredients are absolutely essential if you want to be productive on a daily basis. Some people have an amazing amount of energy and focus, but they’re not good at managing their time, so they don’t work on the right things and don’t get a lot done. Some people are great at managing their time and have a lot of energy, but they’re constantly distracted so they procrastinate and don’t get a lot done. Some people have laser-like focus and they know how to manage their time well, but they’re not good at managing their energy so they drag their feet and don’t get a lot done.

Productive people know how to effectively manage all three.

Interlude: 10 productivity experiments from my year of productivity

10 of my favorite experiments from my year of productivity, in no particular order.

1. Meditating for 35 hours over 7 days

2. Watching 70 hours of TED talks over 7 days

3. Eating only “soylent” for a week

4. Living in total isolation for 10 days

5. Working 90-hour weeks

6. Rotating between dressing forma, business casual, and in pyjamas for 21 days

7. Being a total slob for a week

8. Using my smartphone for an hour a day, for 3 months

9. Drinking only water for a month

10. Taking a three-hour afternoon siesta

Keep It Simple Websites say….We like the idea of number 10, shall we start that right now!

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