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Keep It Simple Websites

Keep It Simple Websites

We don’t believe in complicating things!

  1. You need a website, correct
  2. You need to get online quickly?
  3. You don’t want to pay a fortune?
  4. You want a professional service?
  5. You want to work with somebody with experience?

At Keep It Simple Websites, we have over 30 years of working in the IT field. In fact we wrote the white papers for the British Government back in early 1990’s telling them all about the information superhighway, and how this will revolutionize the way people work, think and play.

With many years of building various businesses, we know how important a website is to your business. Yes, the market place is constantly changing and there are website companies whereby you can build it yourself, cheaply, However, things are not always that simple! Think about the following:

  1. Do you have the time?
  2. Do you understand all the terminology?
  3. Its not always that simple to connect a website, domain and hosting package, it can become frustrating!
  4. Will your website look professional at the end, do you have the skills to show your products to the best of there ability?
  5. Do you have the software to be able to manipulate image to the correct sizes, or favicons, headers, logo’s etc.?

This is only the beginning, there is so much more to websites than you think, and that’s even before you think about SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Therefore, if you are thinking of getting online, think about Keep It Simple Websites, we have no hidden fees, charge a fair price for a quality service…contact us today to find out how we can help you

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