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Keep It Simple Websites services portfolio goes beyond website design

Are you serious about building your online presence?

Do you want more sales, customers, downloads?

If you answered YES, then perhaps you should consider talking to Keep It Simple Websites. We are more that just website designers, we can help grow your business online.

So often people think that by giving the go ahead to design a website, sales will just come rolling in. Unfortunately it’s not as simple as that. Yes great web design is very important, after all this is your portal to the world. Other things you really need to consider are, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content, Videos, Branding, Messages etc. etc. the list can sometimes seem endless, especially as technology and the way we communicate is changing so rapidly.

We are not here to baffle you, or sell you complex solutions, after all Keep It Simple Websites started because we were so unhappy with the service we received from so many website companies. We like to keep it simple and explain what is important and what is not, non of us have endless pots of money to spend on marketing. You want to achieve exactly what we want, the best results for the least amount of money!! More Sales, Increased Revenue, More Customers, More Sign-Up’s, More Downloads…

At Keep It Simple Websites not only do we offer great website design, we have a very successful content management, social media management and SEO programme within our services portfolio.

Interested, contact us to see how we can help you.

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Keep It Simple Websites | Helping clients achieve their online goals

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