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Is your website hitting its TARGET? Keep it Simple Websites explains…

What do we mean by this? Websites first and foremost are online to attract customers “your audience”

What makes a successful website? Is it one that attracts traffic, retains visitors? Ultimately it is one that

  1. Understands its audience and know exactly what they want
  2. A Site that looks and feels in touch with its audience
  3. A website that establishes trust

Clearly defining your audience makes all the difference when you’re creating content. If you’re writing a piece about website design, how do you title it correctly? The answer, of course, all depends on who you’re writing for.

The one major factor that defines what you write is hitting the target? Is Your audience.

Imagine you are creating content without a clear understanding of your audience. You are working hard, but don’t have a specific goal in mind, huge amounts of your time and money are wasted, without a clear potential for a ROI.

Understanding your Audience is fundamental to you success!

  1. So, who are they? You need to consider demographic profiles; for example: Am I targeting men, aged 20, living in UK.
  2. What is their most pressing issues or concerns? Every person has something that keeps them awake at night. It might be a persistent problem – such as an inability to get an entrepreneurial venture off the ground or sustain a healthy relationship, or perhaps how to deal with a difficult client
  3. Where do they get their information from? So how much do you know about your audience’s content consumption habits? For example, do they read blogs? Are they email newsletter subscribers? Do they religiously download podcasts to listen to while they work out? If they do read blogs or newspapers or other publications, which ones do they spend time on? If they’re looking for reviews on products similar to yours, who do they trust?
  4. What Benefit of Your Product Solves Their Problem? You’ve probably heard about the need to focus on benefits over features. In other words, don’t tell me what it does – tell me what it does for me (or rather, tell your customers what it does for them). Know which benefits are the most important, and speak directly to your audience.For example, if you consider the SEO space, there are a number of problems it solves for businesses and a number of benefits that it provides. Someone hiring an SEO agency wants to build their online presence. A better presence generates more traffic to your site. But what does that traffic mean in terms of benefits? It could mean more leads for your sales team, more customers buying your product, more people reading your content, more people sharing your ideas.
  5. What Sets Off Their Negative Detector? We live in a world of sceptics. It’s easy to understand why: we’re bombarded with advertisements and brand messages wherever we go. Always act with integrity. If your brand is known for being honest, ethical, and delivering value, you’ll become a trusted source. It can take years to build trust and seconds to lose it forever. So this should be your guiding star in content creation.
  6. Who Do They Trust? Who do your readers, viewers, or customers trust? The more connected you are with trusted brands, the more that trust and belief in expertise is transferred to you. For example, if your customers love the UK Artists Journal, it’s time to pitch them a blog or work on becoming a source in one of their stories.

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