Why should I update my site?

From time to time, themes, plugins & WordPress will require updating. Updates typically happen when developers release security patches or add extra functionality.

It’s good practice to keep your themes, plugins & WordPress version updated to the latest versions. The top two reasons for sites being hacked are insecure passwords & outdated (vulnerable) software as well as:

Security. The WordPress platform faces lots of bugs, vulnerabilities, and hacks daily. Each one can be more or less dangerous. It depends whether you’re having good or bad luck. However, with each WordPress update, a number of bugs are always fixed and a number of security holes are patched, effectively making it harder for anyone to break into your site.

New features and functionalities are added to each newly released version. Whether it’s completely new stuff, or just making the old stuff work better, those updates bring a lot of improvements. They will not only ease your work as a website owner, but will also improve your visitors’ experience.

Speed. Each new release comes with optimizations geared at making your website faster. Who wants a slow site anyway?

Compatibility with modern tools and technology. Technology evolves so fast that it’s hard to keep up … but WordPress somehow does. And some modern plugins require you to be on the newest version of the WordPress core in order to use them.

How do I update my WordPress site safely?

By backing up your site, you will make sure that your content is stored somewhere safe, so it won’t be affected by the update. And in case anything goes wrong, you can always restore the old version of your site from the backup.

There are lots of WordPress Plugin’s out there that will handle things for you on autopilot. So right now, proceed to install your plugin of choice, and then back up your files, database, themes, plugins, and uploads. (If you are unsure how to do this, we at Keep it Simple Websites can install a back up solution for you, to regularly back up your, theme, plugins and database). Please ask us for further information.

Now Let’s Start Updating your Plugins, WordPress Core and Themes.

Just like WordPress, plugins recieve frequent updates. So first, update your themes and plugins.

Let’s start with the plugins. Click on the sidebar Plugins, once clicked you will see a list see a list of all your plugins that need an update. Select them all and click on “Update Plugins” or you can do so individually just select the Plugin and click Update now

Return to that same WordPress update page, and do the same for themes. (By the way, make sure your plugins have been updated successfully. You should see an appropriate message when you come back.)

Here’s the panel for updating themes:

Now its’  time to update the WordPress core. To update the WordPress core safely, you just need to click one single button. Which is:

Once completed your website will now be using the latest WordPress version, have the latest plug-in’s and themes.

And that’s it!

If you are concerned about any of this and you are not sure what to do, just speak to us!