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Grow Your Business Today, Not Tomorrow

All to often we say to ourselves

I need more business, how do I grow my business? Where do I start?

On the home page of our website, the first image that you will see says “You are losing business if you can’t be seen” never have these words been so true. How do you expect to grow your business if you can’t be seen. People don’t buy from people that they can’t see, simple!

Lets Dance

We all learn from our experience and one of my lessons takes me back to one of the first businesses I started.

I was only 15 at the time, my passion was dancing, disco dancing. I wanted to create local high end dance venues. Great dance music, special effects, food with a VIP Service (similar to pop-ups), and at the same time get loads of dancing in.

I found our first venue, I had a high-end DJ lined up, plus a band, special effects including canons, lighting effects this was going to be the best thing ever found in the sticks, that is outside of London.

I had VIP invitations printed, set the price and the date was all set. Wow this was going to be great, make loads of money, and do what I loved doing at the time. Don’t forget I was only 15, I didn’t have much money, I had put small deposits down, however, full payments were expected after the event. I was riding o n the fact that ticket sales on the night would pay for everything.

The one thing i didn’t really think about was the marketing, spreading the word, telling enough people about it, getting the idea in front of people (to be honest I didn’t even know what marketing was). Yes, I produced posters, leaflets, distributed them through the local area but left it all to late. Not enough people saw the idea. So you guessed it, the venture was a flop, I made just enough money to cover the main costs, but overall I lost.

However, what did I learn from this, and its a lesson I always refer back to, if you want to be successful, you need to get in front of people, enough people, be seen! It’s a number game, don’t forget I was only 15 and had very little money, even less afterwards, I didn’t understand the overall concept of marketing, spreading the word months before the event date.

If you want to grow your business today, don’t wait until tomorrow, start NOW. Start marketing, promoting your idea now, spread the word and be seen.

Keep it Simple Websites


If you are lost for ideas and you are not sure how to get your business rocking, don’t worry, that’s where we can help at Keep it Simple Websites. With a proven track record of building businesses, I am not just a theory person, I have grown multi-million pound businesses from nothing. Contact me at Keep it Simple Websites and lets have a chat.

Remember: Be Seen


Martin Beckley, Entrepreneur, Artist, Author

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