Have you ever wondered why websites have eBooks?

Think about it, you are searching for a subject, let’s say “How to grow vegetables in a window box?”. The first thing you are likely to do is go to Google and type the above text in the subject line. You click return.

You are presented with a list of websites, which one do you click on; first one, second one, it doesn’t really matter. For arguments sake you click on “Grow a years supply of vegetables in 2 weeks from a simple window box”

You go to the website, and it looks interesting. You scroll to the bottom of the page and they have a free eBook for you to download:

“How to feed a family from a simple window box!”

Looks interesting! However, to download the eBook, you need to add your email address. You do this willingly as you really want to know how to feed your family with vegetables from a simple window box.

They now have your email address, and you start to receive a series of emails from the company to convince to you buy their ready made growing kit!

The simple answer to the question above “Why do websites have eBooks?” Simple, so that they can entice you to part with your email address. So that they can start selling to you.

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Examples below

Ebook Design Example 1
Ebook Design Example 2
Ebook Example Design

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