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Are You A Morning or Night Person?

Day Three of our Top Ten Tips For Productivity by Chris Bailey’s A Life Of Productivity.

No. 8. Always question blanket productivity advice.

There are some pieces of advice that work well for most people—eating well, getting enough sleep, exercise, and meditation included—but there are also exceptions to every rule.

It’s okay to buck conventional wisdom if something else works better for you. Find you get more done when you don’t wake up at 5:30 every morning? Then sleep in! Find you get more done when you don’t do your most important task first thing in the morning, and instead answer a bunch of emails? Then answer your email!

There is usually a kernel of truth behind every piece of productivity advice and conventional wisdom, but there are also a ton of productivity techniques that simply won’t work for you. Everyone thinks differently and has different priorities, so no piece of productivity advice will work perfectly for 100% of people, 100% of the time.

The Team at Keep It Simple Websites say this definitely applies in our office! Flexible hours and insomnia go hand in hand here, so don’t be surprised to get an email from us at 3am!

It’s okay to buck conventional wisdom if something else works better for you—and you should.

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