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Are online polls a waste of time?

Its been a very interesting year so far! The UK has chosen to go for a Brexit and Trump is to be the new President of the United States of America, but what did the online polls say? Are they a waste of time? Are they misleading?

I don’t pretend to have the answer, but it is interesting that when you look at the many online polls it seems that the opposite result has happened especially when you look at the Brexit and US Presidency.

Do online opinion polls give the whole picture? When people are asked to give an opinion are they truly honest?

If you are thinking of adding a poll to your website, can you make a business decision based on the result? Perhaps you should do the opposite? Interesting thought!

Keep it Simple Websites can add an online poll to your website, they are an excellent way of asking your customers about your products, what they think of them, and how you can improve your service or product! The great thing is you can play around with the data and results to get the opinion that you want.

What do you think?

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