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A professionally designed website costs less than you think!

A professional websites says a lot about your business! What does yours say? Here are a few websites designed by Keep it Simple Websites.

websites designed by keep it simple websites

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Day Two of our countdown of Top Ten Tips For Productivity by Chris Bailey’s  A Life Of Productivity. No. 9. The three most effective ways to become more productive are also the most boring pieces of advice you’ve already received I think that behind every cliché is a truth that’s so powerful that people feel […]

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Grow Your Business Today, Not Tomorrow

All to often we say to ourselves I need more business, how do I grow my business? Where do I start? On the home page of our website, the first image that you will see says “You are losing business if you can’t be seen” never have these words been so true. How do you […]

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Keep It Simple Websites talks about Social Media Marketing

You have a website, you have a client base, you may even have a Blog, Facebook and a Twitter page, the question then comes, “Are you getting the best from these social media platforms?” How do I get the best from these? What is social media marketing? Firstly, What is Social Media Marketing? Social networking sites […]

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