Day 7 of our Top Tips For Productivity by Chris Bailey, author of A Life of Productivity.

No. 4.

Working too hard or too much shatters your productivity

Over the course of my project, I found that working too hard or too much completely shattered my productivity.

As a productivity experiment I worked 90-hour weeks for a month, alternating between working 90 hours one week and then 20 hours the next. I actually found that I got about as much work done in both my 90-hour and 20-hour weeks, for a simple reason: when I limited how much time I spent on a task, I forced myself to exert more energy over less time so I could get the task done in what limited time I had. When I threw more time at my work in my longer weeks, I tended to procrastinate more, work on lower-leverage activities, and waste more time.

What happens when you work too hard and throw too much energy at a task? You burn out. (Interestingly, I didn’t uncover any adverse effects to throwing more attention at a task, though I find that your attention and energy levels often rise and fall in tandem.) I think of energy as the fuel a person burns throughout the day to get work done. When you throw more energy at your work without taking the time to recharge or nurture your energy levels along the way—like by exercising, taking breaks, eating well, or investing in effective stress relief strategies—you’re going to run out of fuel and burn out.

Working too much or too hard completely shatters your productivity because doing so robs you of two of your most valuable resources: your time, and your energy.

We all are guilty of this at some point, so perhaps when you feel like your at burnout, grab your team mates and have a break doing something fun and not work related! Anyone for space invaders? #retrogames #keepitsimplewebsites #timeforfun #burnout

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