Ecommerce reputation is continually at the upward push. inside the U.S alone, ecommerce sales are anticipated to reach close to 2 trillion dollars this 12 months, so a robust advertising and marketing plan is critical to take a piece of that pie.

We recognize that social media advertising, e-mail advertising, search engine optimization are effective methods to develop your growth – however what is the new trends to grow and build your audience.

To be able to continually succeed in any form of business – it’s vital to study the movers and shakers. You need to adapt to the market. We all rely on SEO as an essential force for visitors and income. however, we have said this before, technology is moving fast, so where do we go from here?  Here are few emerging marketing trends to help you market your products.

Use Emojis as a Way to Communicate with your Audience



Emojis are fast becoming a really vital part of how we talk with one another on social media.

63% of  Social media is made up of pictures, emojis provide an innovative way to help carry your messages. They strike a chord with your audience, many agencies are the using the power of emojis as part of their marketing content material as they resonate with humans across the world.

The Oxford Dictionary even referred the  ‘Face with Tears of Joy’ emoji their  2015 word of the year.

Emojis are a laugh, they are lovable, and quick way to express and get your message across. It’s a much more private method to communicating with potential (and present) clients than traditionally writing one hundred & forty phrase tweets, or long emails, you simply send emojis to your friends and family, so why now not send emojis to your customers too?

Tell Stories with Video


You’ve probably seen your news feeds on social media filling up with videos that have amassed hundreds of thousands, if not millions of views.

Facebook has made changes to its video platform making share-ability much easier than ever before. During 2014, Facebook averaged 2 billion video views per day and has continued to grow ever since.

A website called Elite Daily took note, and expanded its video team from seven to 35 – they produce two pieces of video content per day! Their videos got 153 million views on Facebook last year, and 18.9 million in December alone according to TubularLabs.

With that in mind, start thinking about different types of content you could be producing for your business or brand. Take a look at our Blog on using Facebook Live to boost your brand


Virtual Reality the Next Growth Channel

Virtual Reality

Have you heard of Oculus 3D Glasses? They provide and give you the opportunity to tell stories in 360 degrees. They expect to ship 25 million units by 2018 .

The user experience is about to take a big leap forward. Expedia are already working on solutions to give you a taste of what the real trip might be like, before you take it. We at Keep it Simple websites are already working with one of our customers to give its users a Virtual Reality User Experience.

Shopping will be tailored in VR, you will be able to pick things up in the virtual world and feel them, as well as playing with them, before you start to buy them.

With that in mind – start thinking about what that type of experience you could offer customers! The future of virtual reality is closer than we think.



Now its up to you. Get out there and start using emoji’s or perhaps start looking at a Virtual Reality User Experience with your brand and products in mind.